Public Comment for the Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women 

Guidelines for Submissions

The public is invited to submit written comments to the Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women for inclusion in their consideration of recommendations, which will be included in a report to the Minnesota Legislature in December 2020.

Comments should be directly related to the mandates of the Task Force and should provide concrete recommendations that can be acted on by the Minnesota Legislature.

For individuals who are looking for help, resources, or justice related to an act of violence they or someone they love experienced, this is not the appropriate venue to seek that type of support or help. If you need help, please check the following resources:
     - Day One – 1-866-223-1111
     - Minnesota Crime Victim Support Line – 1-886-385-2699
     - StrongHearts Native Helpline – 1-844762-8483
     - Tribal and American Indian orgs that support victims and survivors

All public comments received by April 26, 2020, will be posted to the Resources page on the Task Force’s website in order to provide transparency. If you do not wish your testimony to be posted, please check the “DO NOT post comment” box and your submission will not be placed on the site but will be taken into consideration for the final recommendations and will be available to Task Force members.

Your comments will be sent to and collected by Wilder Research (a contractor that is working with the Minnesota Department of Public Safety). Wilder Research and DPS will compile public comments both through this online form and at Task Force meetings, and will assist in the preparation of recommendations for the Task Force’s report to the Minnesota Legislature.

Please note that the Minnesota Data Practices Act applies to all submitted comments. By submitting public comments, your contact information will become public data.

These guidelines will help us to process your information and include your testimony in the deliberations of the Task Force. We appreciate your participation and cooperation. If you need further clarification, please email your questions to:

Submission deadline: Please submit all comments by April 26, 2020.

Form for Submissions

All individuals who wish to make a public comment related to the recommendations of the Task Force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, please provide the following information:

To create your submission, please continue below.